mission and philosophy


Our mission is to promote Christian principles in an effort to develop Ambassadors for Christ who are READY, RESPECTFUL, and RESPONSIBLE. To be a bridge that links the secure, familiar world of home with the challenging experience of school. To provide a warm Christian environment where children can continue to grow and develop.


Highland Park Christian Academy exists to educate and to nurture young people in and through the Christian faith. Through spiritual and academic guidance and service to others, the school provides an opportunity to participate in the practice of the Christian faith in a nurturing atmosphere supportive of biblical principles and values. This faith message is intertwined and woven into the curriculum by relating the Gospel message to content areas, by the living example of faculty and staff, parents as partners, by our governing church, First Baptist Church of Highland Park, and by service to others.

Highland Park Christian Academy works diligently to instill in our students the responsibility and privilege of being an Ambassador for Christ Jesus. They are taught early on to be Ready for each day’s challenge and to actively participate in the plan of God for their lives; to be Respectful to others and themselves, and to reverence God; and, to be Responsible for their actions.

Highland Park Christian Academy provides a unique individualistic approach to learning and instruction that allows each student to achieve success proportionate to their ability and effort. Highland Park Christian Academy helps students develop independence; cultivate gifts, talents, interests and life skills through extracurricular activities, clubs and other programs.

Our greatest goal is to develop Ambassadors for Christ, who have the mind of Christ, the compassion of Christ, who will allow their convictions to determine their behavior and actions, and that will connect with the world around them by sharing the love of God. We are building future leaders, in the Christian faith, that are destined to make a difference.