It’s FACTS enrollment time!

Simple steps to enroll in a payment plan:


STEP 1: Go to & click on FACTS logo.
STEP 2: Create a username & password to begin.
STEP 3: Click on the Set Up a Payment Plan link.
STEP 4: Complete the steps as prompted.

Three payment plans available:

PAYMENT PLAN 1: Annual Payment (10% Discount)—*$20 enrollment fee.
PAYMENT PLAN 2: Semi-Year Payment (5% Discount per semester)—*$20 enrollment fee.
PAYMENT PLAN 3: Monthly Payment (11 or 10 months beginning in July or August)—*$50 enrollment fee.

*The Enrollment Fee will be automatically processed within 14 days of the agreement being finalized by Highland Park Christian Academy.

Four dates to choose from:
  • The 5th of every month (1st payment will be due July 5th or August 5th)
  • The 10th of every month (1st payment will be due July 10th or August 10th)
  • The 15th of every month (1st payment will be due July 15th or August 15th)
  • The 25th of every month (1st payment will be due July 25th or August 25th)

Three payment methods to choose from:
  • Checking or Savings account—no fee
  • Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover)—up to 2.75% processing fee
  • Debit Card—up to 2.75% processing fee

If you need assistance with enrolling in FACTS, please call the main office at 301.773.4079. We will schedule on-site assistance as well. No tuition payment will be due at the time of enrollment, only the FACTS enrollment fee.

Incidental expenses are costs associated with field trips and other student related activities. Books & Technology ($175—Preschool, $300 Elementary, $400 Middle School), PPA ($20), and Insurance ($5) fees are due on or before August 1, 2016; payments can be made in the form of check, cash or money order. Please see Ms. Crowder in the main office to make a payment.