2020 Vision

Beginning in August 2015, High Point Christian Academy invested in its future as the Administrative Team and Mr. Keith Curlee analyzed our current strengths and challenges and began to chart a course of action that would equip and prepare us for the next decade — the year 2020 and beyond.  They gathered feedback and valuable information from our faculty, our Board members, a number of parents, and even our students, as they considered every perspective and stakeholder in the process. This strategic analysis resulted in the 20/20 Vision, with its initiatives providing four major broad purposes over the next four years.

Now, more than ever, our families and our world need exceptional resources to help train the future leaders who will make a bold impact for the kingdom of Christ. Our current and future emphasis on Kingdom Education, on strengthening curriculum and instruction, on the development of our facilities, and on our financial stability and stewardship will help us to better equip this rising generation to develop their potential and live meaningful, intentional lives.

UPDATES:      2020 Update July 2019         2020 Update July 2018

Please keep in mind a healthy strategic plan is dynamic — meaning it is part of a planning and learning culture at HPCA, subject to ongoing assessment and improvement. Likewise, a strategic plan is only as successful as the people behind it. Unified in purpose, it will take our collective prayers, wisdom, and resources to lead the HPCA school family into the year 2020, seeking to be a blessing to God and to our community.