Our Technology Department advances our vision of a student-centric learning environment, in which the use of technology is routine, transparent, and supports curricular goals. They provide support to faculty, staff, and families as we continue to leverage new, educational technology resources.

Third through twelfth grade students and teachers use Canvas as our learning management system in varying degrees.  In elementary, Canvas provides online feedback for assignments.  In middle school and high school, Canvas is used for feedback, as well as access to online assignments, multimedia content, and is an excellent platform for the use of 21st century learning tools. 

HPCA implemented our 1:1 program in the high school in 2018.  Each student is issued a Chromebook™, which provides an opportunity for seamless integration of technology in the classroom. Students are able to expand their digital literacy within a Biblical context under the guidance of HPCA teachers. Having student devices in the classroom setting also enhances our students’ college preparedness, as many college courses are increasingly available online. 

We are eagerly anticipating the many opportunities this next phase of the Technology Initiative will provide our students. In our pursuit of providing Christ-centered, quality education and academic excellence, we will continue to plan for the integration of technology across all divisions.

Elementary and Middle School students share a computer lab equipped with Chromebooks™ and attend computer classes once a week.  Chromebook™ and iPad carts are available for classroom use.  Technology skills are integrated into the classroom curriculum through use of quarterly technology projects.  In addition, students learn keyboarding skills beginning in Grade 2.  

Technology Classes and Clubs:
Elementary and middle school students attend Tech Lab to learn the basics of technology and prepare for high school classes.  The high school offers two AP courses and other electives:   Introduction to Computer Programming Honors, Advanced Computer Programming Honors, AP Computer Science (CodeHS Java), AP Computer Science Principles, and Game Design (online course).

Robotics Club is open to students in grades 4-8.  Teams of students learn to design and build a robot that can compete against opponents in a series of specific challenges.  Code Club is offered to students in grades 3-8.  Students have the opportunity to learn to code – making games, animations, and websites.

TK-8 Classrooms:
All classrooms in Transitional Kindergarten through 8th grades have an interactive SMART Board®.  For instructional use, each grade level TK-8 has access to its own set of iPads.  Additionally, each middle school grade level has access to its own Chromebook cart.

TK-8 Tech Lab:
Students benefit from the use of 24 Chromebooks™, an interactive panel, and a 3D printer.

TK-8 Media Center:
In the Media Center, literacy skills are taught through technology with interactive comprehension games and reading apps.  Books come alive with the help of Google and SMART Board® activities.  The Media Center has three desktop computers and a classroom set of iPads to assist students with developing traditional research skills and learning the card catalog system.

High School Science Labs:
The two science labs use student Chromebooks to connect with digital microscopes to broaden student learning.

High School Classrooms:
All teachers are provided a Chromebook™ and utilize interactive SMART Board® technology.